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Friday, August 12, 2011

Pregnancy Day Challenge ~ Day 3

Day 3 ~ Do you know the exact day you concieved?

 I do ~ We were trying to get pregnant for a few months so I had been taking OPK so I knew when I was ovulating. I ovulated on Thursday 2/10/11 and I believe we got pregnant that evening. TMI moment approaching ~ I took the test and texted Steve at work and said " Babe when you get home we gotta have sex, I'm ovulating" His response "OK sounds like a plan" I had tickets to see Bon Jovi in Pittsburgh and was leaving to go out of town the very next morning so I knew we only had a small window, seeing as this was a overnight trip. I left Friday morning with my friend Karen and Kristen, and I remember telling them on the car ride down to PA I was OV and that something felt werid this time, something was different. I was having some

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