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Thursday, June 30, 2011

22 wk pictures

My pretty lil lady at 22wks old

Shyann at 22wks 6/30/11
Shyann measured perfectly ~ she weighs a whooping 14ozs ~ She is extremely active ~ Her heart is fine no transposition of the artieris~ Our next sonogram 9/8/11 at 32wks :)  I am one happy Mommy :)


So 126 days until I get to hold my baby girl ~ It can't go by quick enough for me. We have a ultrasound today at 4:30 which makes for a long day of waiting. Grammy is going with me today, I am so excitied to see her face when she sees her granddaughter wiggling all over the screen. It is such a thrilling time to get to see your baby and know everything is going good. I always feel such relief after we go. It is much better for me now that the bleeding seems to have stopped and Shyann is moving just about everyday I feel a lil ppke, punch or wiggle, which is greatly reassuring to me. I get a lil nervous before we go, but once I see the lil heartbeating and her moving then I can breathe a lil easier and enjoy the sonogram. They are checking her heart again today to make sure she does not have the same heart defect that Justin was born with (transposition of the arteries). She was in a breech position last time so they could not get a clear picture of the heart. She is bigger now and hopefully she will cooperate and be facing us this time. I wanna have them check and make sure this is a girl again hahahaha before the shower.  That would be our luck do her whole room and have the shower and they surprise its a boy ~ I know we are going to deliver early, so it will be less then 126days till I can finally hold my night I think one sleep down 125 to go hahaha I know I'm a freak but this is like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid x's 1000.....the anticipation and excitiement is truly beyond words. I can't wait to see her face, I wanna touch her all over and stare into her eyes.......I am really looking to seeing my husband hold his daughter for the first time. That will be the best moment. I know life is going to change for us dramatically but it will all be worth it.

I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden

To my baby girl, Shyann! I have loved you since the day I saw a positive sign on that pregnancy test! I will not me complete until you are in my arms. I love you my sweet Shy Shy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Can I get some PEACE

So much drama in this pregnancy so far.  All I want is to have a normal pregnancy like everyone else, a safe delivery and a healthy that to much to ask for? It seems everyday there is something new to scare me to death. I really want to just enjoy being pregnant and so far all I have done is wish it my mind the quicker its over the quicker she is here safe and in my arms. I was told at the doctors office last week that I have a large polyp on my cervix. I was like "WHAT" I had never even heard of a polyp on your cervix before. Doc said if my pap smear came back abnormal ( which I knew it would) then she would want to remove it in fear it was cancerous. Well the thought of someone messing with my cervix at only 20wks was not appealing to me. My fear was it would cause trauma to my cervix causing it to open and I would have to deliver the baby.  At 20wks she would never survive.........Well I talked to Steve and decided that cancerous or not I was not letting her remove it until I was at least 30wks when I knew the baby was viable if born and then we could deal with whatever after she was born.  Steve agreed with monday morning I go to the batroom and I had some bleeding (as usual) I wiped and stood up and turned to flush and HOLY CRAP there was this piece of skin on the toliet seat, looked like a kidney bean. I paniced but took a tissue and picked it up.......and put it in a bag and then called the doc. Of course she had me come in, She did and internal exam and the polyp was completely gone, the damn thing came out on its own, which does not normally happen. She checked my cervix with a colypscopy and said everything looked normal and she was not going to worry about it till after I deliver and recheck me them.......WHEW!!!!!!  So I got back on Monday this week 6/27 for my monthly baby check up to listen her heartbeat and measurements. Praying all is on track as it should be.........she is moving and groovin in there :)  I never imagined I would be so scared and so worked up about this, but I am. I guess when you are so in love with someone that just the thought of something happening to them sends you into a tale spin. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

20 weeks

It is definately obvious that I am pregnant! No more hiding it and no more jeans, elastic waist shorts for me. I don't mind getting bigger, that means my baby girl is growing.
20wks = 5mths

Daddy and Mommy at the Beach 6/18/2011

5 mths

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Her first photo shoot

I bought these for Shyann's first photo shoot ~ Every little girl needs a tutu, Right?

Monday, June 13, 2011


My precious little girl....... I long to hold her in my arms so badly some days it feels unbearable to have to wait another 4mths. We are at 19wks 4days today, which means I am almost to the halfway mark. Almost to 5mths ~ I must admit these have been the longest, most stressful, scary (amazing) 19wks of my life. I am not a good pregnant person I'm just NOT.  Its to scary for me, I worry about everything all the time. Its making it worse that I am now on twitter with some amazing woman who have been so helpful and supportive, (some more excited then some members of my own extended family about this baby).  But over the past few weeks many babies have died some younger then my girl some older.........and that to be honest that scares the hell outta me. I have wanted a daughter so badly my whole life and now she is here.....closer to me then any other human being has ever been, she is part of me.......everything she needs to grow and be brought into this world depends on ME. If that is not pressure I dunno what is.
Steve gets so upset with me because he says I am a downer all the time and always thinking the worst.......OK yes he is right (shhh don't tell him I admitted that OK?)  So I told him "look you and I need to have a serious talk and I want you to listen to every word I am saying and try to understand"  I explained how much pressure I am under, I know its not intentional pressure but OMG everything is on my shoulders. I have 2 watch everything I eat, I have to eat even when I am so sick I could puke everywhere because she needs the nourishment. I have to watch my BP, I can't pick up heavy things, I cant vacuum, I cant work, I cant do laundry, I have to remain as calm as possible. I have to sleep on my sides at night, I have extreme pain in my nipples that no one seems to be able to explain why and it is torture OMG its horrid pain. I have to be careful with what foods I eat, I need to test my blood and give myself shots 6xs a day.......the list goes on and on and I will do all of this and smile because I want to be a mother no matter what I must endure......but the pressure of keeping her safe and healthy for another 20wks can be overwhelming. He gets to just sit back and wait for her arrival no pain, no stress, no worries......its all on ME......and its alot. I am so in love with this child already I cannot wait for October to get her so I can hold my lil Shyann :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Shyann it is

"Well it looks like its a girl" those words changed my life, FOREVER. 
For years I have known how lucky I was to have a Mother like mine. She is the most selfless, caring, funny, passionate, patient, understanding, LOVING, giving, amazing woman I know and she is all mine. When I found out I was pregnant she was the first to know, why? Because its just natural for me to share everything with her (even things she might not want to know lol)  No one knows me better then her, she knows what I am feeling from just a look and vice versa. This relationship was built between her and I over years of honesty  and understanding.
I always hoped that someday I would be lucky enough to have a daughter of my very own to share this same bond with. In February when that pregnancy test turned positive there was something inside of me that just knew I was going to have a little girl.  I knew Steve wanted a son but he told me after the weeks pasted he could sense that I needed a daughter MORE then he needed a son and he soon fell in love with the idea of having a daughter too. I never had a doubt in my mind EVER. I did not want to say it outloud to many people because it sounded awful, call it mother's intuition or something but I just felt it. Mind you if the tech told us "BOY" tears would have flowed just as much and smiles would have been just as big..........but there was a little part of me that REALLY wanted a girl. At my 14wks sonogram the tech told me it was a girl and I was not shocked at all.  I wanted to wait till our 18wks sono to announce it for sure, but she said it was a girl again and FOR SURE.  So Daddy and I bought some cute lil socks that look like shoes, pink bows, and some cute outfits. I am in heaven.........a baby girl what more could I ask for. 
Thank You Lord, Thank You!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pictures of our Baby Girl @ 18wks

Pics done on 6/1/11 at Mercy Hospital ~ Anamoly Scan was excellent baby girl is right on track!
Arms wide open saying " I'm fabulous"

Her leg and foot

Her bum, two legs and feet

Her cute lil profile

It's a girl

Pretty Pretty Princess

It's a GIRL!

We found out yesterday afternoon we are going to have a daughter. We are over the moon with excitiement. The Lord has blessed us so much. A precious lil girl for us to love.