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Monday, August 22, 2011

Pregnancy Challenge Day 12

Day 12 ~ How did you tell your parents you were pregnant?

My Mom was actually the first person I told. I felt terrible I did not wait to tell my husband but he was at work and I totally freaked and run downstairs to my Mom's house in a panic. (he was totally OK with it) My Mom was crying and screaming and soooo excitied. (she is awesome like that)  I was not expecting to see 2 lines that day. We were trying very hard to get pregnant but for some reason I thought it would take forever. We started to tell alot of people and then I started bleeding and panic struck, thinking I was going to miscarry.......we stopped telling people and just started to pray REALLY hard. At my 6 week sonogram I called my Dad and told him but also warned him we were having issues. He was beyond thrilled and even cried, which shocked me. Steve does not have "parents" per say, His mother passed years ago from breast cancer, so she knew about her granddaughter long before we did. I hope she is up there taking care of her for us tell we get her here on earth. Steve did call his estranged "real" father and then his stepdad. They were both very happy and excitied for us.
Our family and friends cannot wait for this baby to be born. She is so loved by so many already it makes my heart so full.

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