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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pregnancy Challenge Day 5

Day 5 ~ What trimester are you in and how do you feel?
I am in my 3rd trimester ~ so we are close to the end and I can finally hold my baby girl. I feel ok most of the time, my biggest and only complaint has been the issues with the vasospasms in my breasts. It is extremely painful, I get no relief and its consistently breaking my spirit and my enjoyment of this pregnancy. Once the I am off the LARGE dose of BP meds I am hopeful it will stop and I can breastfeed my daughter. Dealing with this since March has been a test of my endurance and strength but I must admit I am at the end of my rope.
Feeling Shyann's kicks and movements makes it so much better, know she is in there and she is a feeling like no other. I am so IN LOVE!

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