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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3rd trimester fastly approaching

So the finish line is in site!  3rd trimester starts on thursday as I being my 28th wk of pregnancy. I have been through alot of up and downs and its been scary, amazing and terrifying all rolled into one.  To fall in love with someone you have never met and to be soooo terrified of losing them before you ever even held them in your arms, has been the most insanely scary thing I have EVER gone through in my life.  All I have ever wanted was to be a mother, and even more so to have a daughter and God is giving me  both……I have had to work for it, but nothing good in life is ever easy, is it?  She is worth ever second of pain, stress, hurt and worry I have gone thru and continue to go thru.  Just to hold her in my arms is all I want and need in this world. I have been so blessed with an amazing husband and a wonderful family to help me through all this craziness…..but like I said I can see the end in site and its making me so much more excitied.  To look around our apartment and see “baby stuff” makes me giggle.  We are starting her nursery next week, OMG when I see a crib IN MY HOUSE for MY BABY I think I might lose my mind :) 
Doc appointment went good today, she said if I keep my sugars under control like I have been and the baby stays at a good weigh then a c section can be avoided (which is what I want) I have only gained 8lbs during my 7mths of pregnancy which has been great for me…..I plan to lose 50lbs or more after her birth (then and ONLY then will I try for baby #2 but the jury is still out on that). Shyann’s HR was good 163 as usual, she was moving and the doc had to chase her around with the doppler. She is not measuring to big or too small, right on track PERFECT just as I assumed ;)  My lil booboo is perfecto!  My bp was very good today and we discussed and decided to change my bp meds in hopes it will help with the boob issues (vasospasms = horrific pain) This has been the worst part of my pregnancy, since the bleeding stopped in June things have been really good except for these vasospasms, they are literally keeping me house bound……so fingers crossed the new meds will help. All is all I must say this has been the experience of a lifetime…….its like christmas with the best present at the end. I cannot wait to hold my baby girl and kiss her lil face……..Shyann I love you so much already……no words could EVER express how much!

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