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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

35 wks

We had your 35wk appt and sonogram today.  Everything is excellent ~ you look great and so does Mommy.  GG Jones went with me today and she is so in love with you, she cannot wait to get you in her arms. We got to see your beautiful lil chubby face several times. You are so gorgeous and GG said you look like Aunt Debbie :)  You have so much hair I cannot believe it, I cannot wait to see what color it is and what you look like. We dont have to wait to much longer know Doc said we will deliver at 38wks which is 3wks from today :)  Not sure if we will have a vaginal birth or c-section it depends on if you decide to change positions and cooperate.  I love you Shyann and we are ready and waiting for your arrival baby girl.
35wks ~ chubby cheeks and all your hair

Your lil hand and finger pointing "I'm #1"

Look at that hair ~ OMG so excitied!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 weeks and counting

So I had my 34wk check up and sonogram done yesterday. Everything went fine ~ OF COURSE you were not moving much for the sono tech or for the NST then I leave and head home and your movin and groovin in my belly ~ GIRL I swear you are like your Mother already (REBEL) Anyway both doctors agree that will induce labor at 38wks ~ So yay if we do the math (which I am HORRIBLE at math, but your father is amazing at it ) you will be here in 4wks and counting. I must admit when I actually thought about panic mood set in but its because I always feel unprepared ~ I want you in my arms asap thats for sure. During the sono I got to see a pretty good view of your face and you have chubby cheeks and a cute lil button nose ( like me) You look adorable. I have sonograms every week now and everytime they tell me how much hair you have so I am excitied to see you. I wonder what color it is?  Could be brown, light blonde or RED, yes red I'm sorry ahead of time but your Dad has redheads and so do I on both sides of the family.  I think red hair is beautiful and you will be amazing.  Since your Daddy is bald and has been going bald since he was 13yrs (POOR guy) he is thrilled you have tons of hair and as your Mother of course I can't wait to put bows and headbands in your hair.
I am very happy you are going to be born in October. It has always been my favorite month, that is why Daddy and I got married in October, plus I love the fall and halloween. We got you a costume the other day for halloween ~ Your going to look so cute a lil pink skeleton :)  Your room is ready and waiting ~ still waiting for your Uncle Shaney to bring the bassinett over so I can get it ready and I am planning to pack my hosptial bag this weekend so we are all set to go. It has been such an emotional wonderful adventure being pregnant with you.  I will admit alot of the time FEAR has been a huge issue with me but thats just how I am and you will soon realize that. I will prolly not let you do anything or go anywhere without me. I promised Daddy I would try to be less of a worry wart and I'm gonna try.
I love you so much already Shyann and I can't wait to see you , kiss you and hold you in my arms!  4 wks baby girl .
Mommy's predications.............................
DOB  10/21/11
Weight 7lbs 6ozs.
Length 21inches
Time Morning :) 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Baby Shower

Things have been so busy around here I did not get to blog anything about our baby shower.  I woke up that morning thinking this can't be real ~ All this pink baby stuff all over cannot be for us, is it?  Last year on the very same weekend was my bridal shower ~ now we are celebrating the arrival of the one thing I have wanted my entire life ~ a baby?  I got dressed at home alone ~ Steve had mandatory OT at work and everyone else was at the hall getting things ready. Steve got home and got changed and off we went. I got to the hall and guests were already arriving ~ I could not believe the turn out of people ~ it was overwhelming and amazing all at once. I went around to everyone for hugs, kisses and thank yous ~ I heard "how cute my belly looked" and how "I looked great"  I was asked "How are you feeling"  "how did you come up with the babys name" etc.....I found myself almost in tunnel vision answering these questions and absorbing the compliaments like I was having an out of body experience. I still find it hard to say "im pregnant"  when I go to the doctors I still can't believe its me they are doing a sonogram on. It's very surreal still after 8mths. When you want, crave and plead for something so badly your whole life and then you finally get it ~ not only is it thrilling and amazing but its scary as hell too.  We had a wonderful lunch prepared mostly buy my amazing Mother.  She worked her tail off as usual to make it perfect for me (and it was)  Ray and the guys help get things served ~ Lisa got us a great cake and delicious cupcakes.  At one point someone said to me "Stac you gotta start opening gifts soon, look at all the stuff you guys got" I turned around to look at all the presents and OMG it was amazing. I lost it a few times and starting tearing up. Everyone was so generous ~ we got just about everything we could possibly need for Shyann.  Anything we did not get we got giftcards and money to buy it. We have everything now except a highchair, which we dont need for a few months anyway.  It was a wonderful day ~ I had a great time and it really showed me how much my real friends and true family love and adore, me steve and our baby girl ~ It is amazing to know that the people who really know you and love you will always stand by you no matter what.  I am blessed beyond words and I know that and trust me I do not and will not ever take it for granted. Looking forward to dressing up my daughter in all her gorgeous outfits :)
Cake and cupcakes from Aunt Lisa

Daddy and Mommy


Mommy, Tanti, Aunt Susie and Aunt Lisa

Mommy and Your Godmommy

All your treasures

The proud daddy opening presents

Ur first jean jacket

Mommy and Grammy

Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is going to happen!

I think its finally starting to sink in that my baby is coming soon. Last night I had a bit of a panic moment walking around the festival looking at all the strollers and wagons full of lil kiddos. Thinking next year thats going to beUS ~ Nothing will delight me more then to have my lil beauty strolling through the crowds with us, but to be honest yes I did get a lil freaked out thinking about how close it is to her arrival. I want her in my arms so badly that I try to not dwell on the fact that I have to wait another 5-7wks but its hard to NOT think about it when you have a huge belly that you consistantly are looking at. I love her so much and I want her to be healthy and safe so much that is can be and is all consuming at times OK ~ all the time. I could never imagine I would be so in love with someone I've never even met, but I am and its really a total different kinda love. Steve and I were laying in bed this morning and I said "pretty soon she will be laying right here with us" and he just smiled and said "not soon enough" ~ I think that sums it up pretty well ( DIDO)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Your Nursery is done my love!

"Once upon a time there was a princess"

Our princess has a FULL closet

My favorite wall

Love this

Daddys favorite

Thursday, September 8, 2011

32 weeks

3D sono pic at 32wks ( Looks like Uncle Shane and Dillon)

double check on the gender just to make sure ~ Yep Its A GIRL!!!!

Skeleton face
Profile looks alot like Daddy :)

Foot and chubby leg

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How your name came to be?

Alot of people have been asking how we came up with our daughter's name. Well we knew for sure what were naming our baby if it was a boy, so I knew for sure we would have a girl just for the simple fact that Steve and I could not agree on a girls name. I liked Shaylee and he liked Sierra!  We always knew what her middle name would be. So one day Cheyenne came up, actually I think my Mom suggested it. So I said well we want a S name. So I thought well lets spell it Shyanne!  Then of course my mind went to Debbie immediately. My Aunt's middle name is Ann. I want so badly for her to hold my girl and to know that is never going to happen makes me sad beyond words, so what better way to keep Debbie close to Shyann then to have her honored with her name. So Shyann was the name, Steve loved it and I loved it. Perfect fit.  At our June 1st sonogram when we found out for sure it was a girl, The tech said "Yep its a girl"  I said "YEAH pink and purple" and Steve said " Its our Shyann" been in love with that name ever since, it just FITS. Her middle name will be Patricia after her Grandmothers. Most of you know my Mom's name is Patricia BUT what some of you might not knowis so is Steve's Mom. Her name is actually Patricia Ann ~ we lost her several years ago to breast cancer. Per Steve she always wanted a daughter so she would be so excitied to have a granddaughter.  So this is a perfect name for our baby girl and I cannot wait to meet her.
Thank You so much to everyone who came to our shower on Saturday. It was a wonderful celebration and the turn out was amazing. So many people came to show us love and support.  Our daughter is so blessed to be coming into a wonderful life filled with people who love her.  Alot of people helped make our day special and perfect and I thank all of you. Things get stressful when you are getting an event together for almost 100 people, but thank you for hanging in there and keeping me sane and making things so wonderful. My friends and my family are amazing.....

Its the final countdown

So the crib and baby furniture are finally here. Picking it up tomorrow. We only have about 8wks till my due date so the panic of getting her room set up (FINALLY) and making sure everything is ready for her is starting to kick in. Today my goal is to clean out our old bedroom closet and fill it up with pretty lil girl clothes for our girl :)  Gotta get the stuff organized so we can get the crib, dresser and changing table set up and organized. Next week I will be working on my hospital bag…….gotta feeling I’m going early so I wanna be ready. I am all about being prepared.
Tonight we start birthing classes :)  OMG ~ I didnot think it was necessary for me to go to the classes. I have seen 4 babies be born and was a birth coach twice so I thought I was good…….but my husband really wanted to do this together and after I thought about it I agreed and I am really looking forward to it!  I have such a great husband and I have no doubt that he is going to be an amazing father. How did I get so lucky?  I still ask myself that everyday!