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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pregnancy Challenge Day 13

Day 13 ~ How are you preparing for baby?

Well my husband has been doing most of the preparing. We remodeled the apartment we live in (upstairs) from my Mom.  She helped us get the front part of the attic turned into a new bedroom for us so Shyann could have the other bedroom for her nursery. Both rooms are just about done. I will handle the deocrating and Steve will handle the rest :)  He has repaired and painted the walls purple.  We are cleaning the carpets this week so after my baby shower on Saturday we will be ready to start filling up the nursery.
We signed up to take a birthing class that starts Sept 6th and a breastfeeding class on Sept 21st.  I am excitied and nervous. Once i see her crib actually set up it will finally hit me that I am having a baby :)

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