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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pregnancy Challenge Day 7

Day 7 ~ Do you have a birthing plan?

Well I have what I would liketo happen in my mind but I know already that is not how its going to be. I want to have a drug free all nautral childbirth. But I am a high risk pregnancy, I have high BP and diabetes so the chances of me having a vaginal birth are highly unlikely. My doctor has already talked about a c-section at 38wks. depending on how big the baby gets, so far so good (29wks). I am fine with whatever the doc decides I trust her and in the end I just want a healthy baby in my arms. I plan to have my husband and my mom in the room, unless its a section then just my husband will be allowed in. I know my sil, brothers, gram and tons of other friends will be at the hospital too. Everyone is waiting for this lil girls arrival, but no one more then her Mommy and Daddy.

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