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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Son or Daughter ? This is the question?

I am hoping by tomorrow early evening we will know the answer to this guestion! I have this strong intuition in my mind of what I think we are having, but either way I will be a happy Mommy in a few months. As long as this baby is healthy and we have a good birth experience together that I am going to be thrilled beyond belief. I just can't stand the waiting. Tomorrow is going to take forever for 4:30 pm to get here. Daddy is leaving work early to go with me so we can see our lil boo boo on the screen moovin and groovin. I just can't wait to put a name to this lil baby already. I will write a blog tomorrow about the ultrasound expeirence and post pictures. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the baby cooperates and relieves itself for sure this time.  I should know by tomorrow if I am going to be the Mother of a daughter or a son.  Shyann or Sawyer  woohooo

Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Check Up ~ 4 mths

I had my four month baby check up appointment today. Everything went well, doc checked the heartrate it was 161 and Mommy got to listen to baby's heartbeat. Apparently I have a very active baby in there, moving around so much that the doctor had to keep moving to get a heartrate check. She said "its no wonder you are feeling that baby moving, its so active" She also said that with my high bp and diabetes she will deliver us in October for sure. That makes me happy because I love the month of October and the birthstone is MUCH prettier then November's haha.......We also talked about c-sections. If the baby is measuring close to 9lbs or over she wants me to have a schedueled c-section. She feel my hips are too small to deliver a 9lbs baby and that the shoulders usually get stuck. So yeah it was nice to hear I have small hips, but I really want to have a vaginal drug- free birth if possible.  The less drugs and intervention the better as far as I am concerned, but to be honest I had a feeling since the beginning with all of my issues that nothing about this birth was going to be "natural".  I have concluded and am ok with it and whatever is God's will so be it. I know and trust he will take care of me and my boo boo. Just hand me a healthy baby (with Steve's gorgeous blue eyes) and I will be a happy Mommy.
BTW......I love my OB , Diane Sanfilippo is amazing! She is sweet, patient, and understanding BUT she gets to the point.  I knew her and I were gonna get along great when she said to me "Stacy, I am here to make sure you have a wonderful pregnancy and birthing experience" " My job is to give you a healthy baby at the end of all of this and that is what I intend on doing"  I was like Ok Doc lets do this and she literally gave me a high 5, it was friggin awesome.  I feel comfortable asking her ANYTHING and she always eases my mind. Today I asked several questions that I thought she might think were dumb but nope not at all.......1) Nipples hurt horribly WHY? and what can I do (she told me cream to go get) 2) hot dogs or no hot dogs that is the question (she said NO hot dogs and that makes me sad) 3) Can I use vicks vapo rub? (NO to much menthol) 4) Can I color my hair? (Absolutely make sure it is well ventilated area.....what color are you gonna do?) hahaha BROWN I told her and she was like OMG what a huge change that will be I can't wait to see you next month LOL Like I said she is great!   
So I still can't believe I'm pregnant let alone 17wks already! I sit in the office thinking OMG I'm at my "pregnancy" appt. I am going to have a baby. This is really happening (finally) its my turn to be a Mom......and its truly surreal. As the doc tells me about delivery, measurements, heartrates etc. my mind is BOGGLED by the fact that she is talking to ME, I almost want to turn around to see if someone else is in the room that she is talking to, but NO its me. I know for others it seems to be flying by but for me it has been an enternity already. I want my baby healthy and HERE so bad that I can't contain myself.  Once we find out "for sure" if its a boy or a girl I almost think the excitement will be worse........the anticipation might send me over the edge. Steve thinks having a name to give the baby will comfort us both, then we can start shopping and getting the nursery together so it will feel more real to him. Steve is going to paint a mural on the wall of the nursery, that is something he can give to our child. It's such an exciting time. We picked the date of the baby shower and things are getting into motion for that. OMG its soooo crazy that last summer I was planning my bridal shower and this summer its my baby shower.
 All I can say is this "Thank You God" for standing by me and guiding me to a life of joy and happiness. Thank you for your blessings!

Monday, May 23, 2011

16wks - 4mths

Things have been changing in my body that are scary, and nerve racking. I guess this is God's way of preparing me for Motherhood.  I am so glad we made it to 16wks! Looking forward to getting the heart doppler we ordered so I can listen to boo boo's heartbeat everyday! Friday is my 16wk OB apt and then June 1st in the anatomy scan and hopefully we find out the sex of the baby. I am starting to get more excitied and less scared. I hope it continues!

16wks = 4mths
Mommy at 16wks

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You = Happiness Boo Boo

Soon I will know for sure if I will be the mother of a son or a daughter.  June 1st I hope and pray the baby will cooperate and we will be able to give a name to the baby~ either Shyann or Sawyer. It will feel so much more real to be able to say her and him :)  Last night Daddy and I listened to the baby kicking and moving all over on the prenatal monitor we have. Baby was moving all day long yesterday it was amazing to hear. We orderd a heart doppler to I can hear the heartbeat everyday to calm my nerves.  I never imagined how much you could love someone you have never even met!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So we are at 15wks.....Only 175 days until I finally get to meet my lil bundle of joy :) Never in my life did I think I could feel so happy, excited and content. I have not felt complete contentment EVER in my life.  Now with a husband who loves me, supports me, nurtures me and is my best friend and a baby we created together on the way, I don't think I could ask for much more. I know God had his hand in this, it was his plan from the start and I am trying to live my life as he wants me to (even when other people make is VERY hard for me) I know what kinda person I am and so do the people close to me and they are all that really matters. No one else is really relevant in my life. I have wonderful friends and family that are so in love with this baby already that it seriously leaves me speechless.

I can tell I am changing as a person, there is something about having a life growing inside of you that gives you a major wake up call as to what and who really matter in your life. I am thankful for the support and love of my husband, my mother and my brother Justin. They are the 3 main people here with me 24/7 when I am scared, bitchy, happy, nervous or worried, they always support and walk me through it. This has been a tough pregnancy so far and without them I just don't know how I could have made it through. Thank you just does not seem good enough ~  but THANK YOU...............                                                                      

Monday, May 9, 2011

14 wks

Oh my Oh my ~ I am praying the scary part of this pregnancy is slowly coming to an end and the joy and excitement will be allowed to flow now. Yesterday was my first "offical" Mother's Day! It was really awesome, I thought about how next year my lil boo boo will be here snuggled in my arms. Only 4 more weeks until we find out if we are having a Sawyer or a Shyann. I cannot wait to find out.  (June 1st)

Mommy at 14wks 2days

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pictures by the week

Mommy at 12.5 wks Preggers
Mommy is going to start taking pictures every week now that we have reached the milestone of 2nd trimester. You are 13wks old now my lil darling almost 14wks ~ Daddy will take a pick of Mommy every week from now until you are in our arms.

Our first decisions as Parents!

Names we have choosen for Baby Shaver

Sawyer Patrick for a BOY
Middle name Partrick after Daddy and your two Grandmothers who are named Patricia

Shyann Patricia for a GIRL
Patricia is after both of your Grandmothers
We choose to spell ShyANN like that to honor your Great Aunt Debbie whose middle name was Ann.

We Also Choose your God Parents


Your Godmother will be Aunt Lisa ~ who is Mommys best friend and she is married to your Uncle Shawny. She is as excitied about your arrival as Mommy is :)  She is sweet, funny and very loving and she is going to spoil you. We trust her and want to honor her.

Your Godfather will be Uncle Justin ~ well you will find out soon in your life why we picked Uncle Justin. He is Mommy and Daddys greatest friend. We love Uncle so much and he is sooooo excitied for you to get here. He will take such good care of you and spoil you. Like Daddy said the other day "Justin will be the 2nd most important man in your life" and he is right...... HE WILL BE.