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Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Baby Shower

Things have been so busy around here I did not get to blog anything about our baby shower.  I woke up that morning thinking this can't be real ~ All this pink baby stuff all over cannot be for us, is it?  Last year on the very same weekend was my bridal shower ~ now we are celebrating the arrival of the one thing I have wanted my entire life ~ a baby?  I got dressed at home alone ~ Steve had mandatory OT at work and everyone else was at the hall getting things ready. Steve got home and got changed and off we went. I got to the hall and guests were already arriving ~ I could not believe the turn out of people ~ it was overwhelming and amazing all at once. I went around to everyone for hugs, kisses and thank yous ~ I heard "how cute my belly looked" and how "I looked great"  I was asked "How are you feeling"  "how did you come up with the babys name" etc.....I found myself almost in tunnel vision answering these questions and absorbing the compliaments like I was having an out of body experience. I still find it hard to say "im pregnant"  when I go to the doctors I still can't believe its me they are doing a sonogram on. It's very surreal still after 8mths. When you want, crave and plead for something so badly your whole life and then you finally get it ~ not only is it thrilling and amazing but its scary as hell too.  We had a wonderful lunch prepared mostly buy my amazing Mother.  She worked her tail off as usual to make it perfect for me (and it was)  Ray and the guys help get things served ~ Lisa got us a great cake and delicious cupcakes.  At one point someone said to me "Stac you gotta start opening gifts soon, look at all the stuff you guys got" I turned around to look at all the presents and OMG it was amazing. I lost it a few times and starting tearing up. Everyone was so generous ~ we got just about everything we could possibly need for Shyann.  Anything we did not get we got giftcards and money to buy it. We have everything now except a highchair, which we dont need for a few months anyway.  It was a wonderful day ~ I had a great time and it really showed me how much my real friends and true family love and adore, me steve and our baby girl ~ It is amazing to know that the people who really know you and love you will always stand by you no matter what.  I am blessed beyond words and I know that and trust me I do not and will not ever take it for granted. Looking forward to dressing up my daughter in all her gorgeous outfits :)
Cake and cupcakes from Aunt Lisa

Daddy and Mommy


Mommy, Tanti, Aunt Susie and Aunt Lisa

Mommy and Your Godmommy

All your treasures

The proud daddy opening presents

Ur first jean jacket

Mommy and Grammy

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