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Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 weeks and counting

So I had my 34wk check up and sonogram done yesterday. Everything went fine ~ OF COURSE you were not moving much for the sono tech or for the NST then I leave and head home and your movin and groovin in my belly ~ GIRL I swear you are like your Mother already (REBEL) Anyway both doctors agree that will induce labor at 38wks ~ So yay if we do the math (which I am HORRIBLE at math, but your father is amazing at it ) you will be here in 4wks and counting. I must admit when I actually thought about panic mood set in but its because I always feel unprepared ~ I want you in my arms asap thats for sure. During the sono I got to see a pretty good view of your face and you have chubby cheeks and a cute lil button nose ( like me) You look adorable. I have sonograms every week now and everytime they tell me how much hair you have so I am excitied to see you. I wonder what color it is?  Could be brown, light blonde or RED, yes red I'm sorry ahead of time but your Dad has redheads and so do I on both sides of the family.  I think red hair is beautiful and you will be amazing.  Since your Daddy is bald and has been going bald since he was 13yrs (POOR guy) he is thrilled you have tons of hair and as your Mother of course I can't wait to put bows and headbands in your hair.
I am very happy you are going to be born in October. It has always been my favorite month, that is why Daddy and I got married in October, plus I love the fall and halloween. We got you a costume the other day for halloween ~ Your going to look so cute a lil pink skeleton :)  Your room is ready and waiting ~ still waiting for your Uncle Shaney to bring the bassinett over so I can get it ready and I am planning to pack my hosptial bag this weekend so we are all set to go. It has been such an emotional wonderful adventure being pregnant with you.  I will admit alot of the time FEAR has been a huge issue with me but thats just how I am and you will soon realize that. I will prolly not let you do anything or go anywhere without me. I promised Daddy I would try to be less of a worry wart and I'm gonna try.
I love you so much already Shyann and I can't wait to see you , kiss you and hold you in my arms!  4 wks baby girl .
Mommy's predications.............................
DOB  10/21/11
Weight 7lbs 6ozs.
Length 21inches
Time Morning :) 

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