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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How your name came to be?

Alot of people have been asking how we came up with our daughter's name. Well we knew for sure what were naming our baby if it was a boy, so I knew for sure we would have a girl just for the simple fact that Steve and I could not agree on a girls name. I liked Shaylee and he liked Sierra!  We always knew what her middle name would be. So one day Cheyenne came up, actually I think my Mom suggested it. So I said well we want a S name. So I thought well lets spell it Shyanne!  Then of course my mind went to Debbie immediately. My Aunt's middle name is Ann. I want so badly for her to hold my girl and to know that is never going to happen makes me sad beyond words, so what better way to keep Debbie close to Shyann then to have her honored with her name. So Shyann was the name, Steve loved it and I loved it. Perfect fit.  At our June 1st sonogram when we found out for sure it was a girl, The tech said "Yep its a girl"  I said "YEAH pink and purple" and Steve said " Its our Shyann" been in love with that name ever since, it just FITS. Her middle name will be Patricia after her Grandmothers. Most of you know my Mom's name is Patricia BUT what some of you might not knowis so is Steve's Mom. Her name is actually Patricia Ann ~ we lost her several years ago to breast cancer. Per Steve she always wanted a daughter so she would be so excitied to have a granddaughter.  So this is a perfect name for our baby girl and I cannot wait to meet her.
Thank You so much to everyone who came to our shower on Saturday. It was a wonderful celebration and the turn out was amazing. So many people came to show us love and support.  Our daughter is so blessed to be coming into a wonderful life filled with people who love her.  Alot of people helped make our day special and perfect and I thank all of you. Things get stressful when you are getting an event together for almost 100 people, but thank you for hanging in there and keeping me sane and making things so wonderful. My friends and my family are amazing.....

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