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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

35 wks

We had your 35wk appt and sonogram today.  Everything is excellent ~ you look great and so does Mommy.  GG Jones went with me today and she is so in love with you, she cannot wait to get you in her arms. We got to see your beautiful lil chubby face several times. You are so gorgeous and GG said you look like Aunt Debbie :)  You have so much hair I cannot believe it, I cannot wait to see what color it is and what you look like. We dont have to wait to much longer know Doc said we will deliver at 38wks which is 3wks from today :)  Not sure if we will have a vaginal birth or c-section it depends on if you decide to change positions and cooperate.  I love you Shyann and we are ready and waiting for your arrival baby girl.
35wks ~ chubby cheeks and all your hair

Your lil hand and finger pointing "I'm #1"

Look at that hair ~ OMG so excitied!

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