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Friday, June 3, 2011

Shyann it is

"Well it looks like its a girl" those words changed my life, FOREVER. 
For years I have known how lucky I was to have a Mother like mine. She is the most selfless, caring, funny, passionate, patient, understanding, LOVING, giving, amazing woman I know and she is all mine. When I found out I was pregnant she was the first to know, why? Because its just natural for me to share everything with her (even things she might not want to know lol)  No one knows me better then her, she knows what I am feeling from just a look and vice versa. This relationship was built between her and I over years of honesty  and understanding.
I always hoped that someday I would be lucky enough to have a daughter of my very own to share this same bond with. In February when that pregnancy test turned positive there was something inside of me that just knew I was going to have a little girl.  I knew Steve wanted a son but he told me after the weeks pasted he could sense that I needed a daughter MORE then he needed a son and he soon fell in love with the idea of having a daughter too. I never had a doubt in my mind EVER. I did not want to say it outloud to many people because it sounded awful, call it mother's intuition or something but I just felt it. Mind you if the tech told us "BOY" tears would have flowed just as much and smiles would have been just as big..........but there was a little part of me that REALLY wanted a girl. At my 14wks sonogram the tech told me it was a girl and I was not shocked at all.  I wanted to wait till our 18wks sono to announce it for sure, but she said it was a girl again and FOR SURE.  So Daddy and I bought some cute lil socks that look like shoes, pink bows, and some cute outfits. I am in heaven.........a baby girl what more could I ask for. 
Thank You Lord, Thank You!

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