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Thursday, June 30, 2011


So 126 days until I get to hold my baby girl ~ It can't go by quick enough for me. We have a ultrasound today at 4:30 which makes for a long day of waiting. Grammy is going with me today, I am so excitied to see her face when she sees her granddaughter wiggling all over the screen. It is such a thrilling time to get to see your baby and know everything is going good. I always feel such relief after we go. It is much better for me now that the bleeding seems to have stopped and Shyann is moving just about everyday I feel a lil ppke, punch or wiggle, which is greatly reassuring to me. I get a lil nervous before we go, but once I see the lil heartbeating and her moving then I can breathe a lil easier and enjoy the sonogram. They are checking her heart again today to make sure she does not have the same heart defect that Justin was born with (transposition of the arteries). She was in a breech position last time so they could not get a clear picture of the heart. She is bigger now and hopefully she will cooperate and be facing us this time. I wanna have them check and make sure this is a girl again hahahaha before the shower.  That would be our luck do her whole room and have the shower and they surprise its a boy ~ I know we are going to deliver early, so it will be less then 126days till I can finally hold my night I think one sleep down 125 to go hahaha I know I'm a freak but this is like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid x's 1000.....the anticipation and excitiement is truly beyond words. I can't wait to see her face, I wanna touch her all over and stare into her eyes.......I am really looking to seeing my husband hold his daughter for the first time. That will be the best moment. I know life is going to change for us dramatically but it will all be worth it.

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