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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Son or Daughter ? This is the question?

I am hoping by tomorrow early evening we will know the answer to this guestion! I have this strong intuition in my mind of what I think we are having, but either way I will be a happy Mommy in a few months. As long as this baby is healthy and we have a good birth experience together that I am going to be thrilled beyond belief. I just can't stand the waiting. Tomorrow is going to take forever for 4:30 pm to get here. Daddy is leaving work early to go with me so we can see our lil boo boo on the screen moovin and groovin. I just can't wait to put a name to this lil baby already. I will write a blog tomorrow about the ultrasound expeirence and post pictures. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the baby cooperates and relieves itself for sure this time.  I should know by tomorrow if I am going to be the Mother of a daughter or a son.  Shyann or Sawyer  woohooo

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