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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our first decisions as Parents!

Names we have choosen for Baby Shaver

Sawyer Patrick for a BOY
Middle name Partrick after Daddy and your two Grandmothers who are named Patricia

Shyann Patricia for a GIRL
Patricia is after both of your Grandmothers
We choose to spell ShyANN like that to honor your Great Aunt Debbie whose middle name was Ann.

We Also Choose your God Parents


Your Godmother will be Aunt Lisa ~ who is Mommys best friend and she is married to your Uncle Shawny. She is as excitied about your arrival as Mommy is :)  She is sweet, funny and very loving and she is going to spoil you. We trust her and want to honor her.

Your Godfather will be Uncle Justin ~ well you will find out soon in your life why we picked Uncle Justin. He is Mommy and Daddys greatest friend. We love Uncle so much and he is sooooo excitied for you to get here. He will take such good care of you and spoil you. Like Daddy said the other day "Justin will be the 2nd most important man in your life" and he is right...... HE WILL BE.

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