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Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Psychic Reading

Thanks for being patient with me while I got back to your reading. I am seeing you guys having a girl based on it being your first pregnancy and no losses.

Shes someone who is always going to be kind. She has amazing patience and really wants to understand people. Shes not someone who is going to jump to conclusions and would much rather listen to what people are saying and hear them out.
She is always good with people,. loves to play games, is very good at hop Scotch and other type games. Shes active, loves to dance and seems to be someone who is a born leader. Shes able to explain things in a way that people understand. Shes always really loving, understanding and really wants the best for everyone. often giving advice and ideas that she would have no problems with doing if she was in a similar situation.

Shes strong, not one to cry at the drop of a hat, when someone has upset her, but is the one that will cry at a sad movie, or the news of an animal getting hurt. Shes always wise with her friends, someone who is always by your side. Would be willing to join a program that she has no interest in, just so you had someone to go with .

Shes always going to love babies, is someone who is often talking about being an OBGYN, but is not really good with the sight of blood!
When it comes to career paths, they show her working in administration, but is also going to be a novelist. I get the impression that the administration is the means to get her novel career started, but really enjoys where she works so tries to balance both.
When it comes to marriage I am seeing her closer to 23. They will have two boys of their own.


  1. OMG.....did you tell her that you were pregnant??? I LOVE your reading. She sounds she's going to be wonderful due to her amazing parents! <3<3

  2. Lori ~ she asked if we were trying to get pregnant! I told her I was already pg but having some issues. She asked for a pic of me and my DH. It was interesting to read. Been having a gut feeling this baby is a girl so it was funny to see that she said girl too. Either way I will be a happy Mommy!