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Monday, July 25, 2011

Kicking for Daddy

So last night 7/24/11 was the very first time Daddy got to feel your kick lil girl. I have been feeling you since 13wks, going from just a lil flutter to full out body assult hahaha. I love it, sometimes it scares me when I'm not expecting it but then I just smile. People must think I'm crazy when I'm at the store or driving in the car and I get this HUGE smile on my face, its all because of you.  Last night we were laying in bed watching tv and I felt you winding up for some movement. I grabbed Daddy's hand and you kicked him twice.......he had a smile a mile was amazing. If you only knew how much love you have waiting for you my lil sweetie, its abundant and overwhelming. I love you so much that I literally ache to hold you. I don't think I will ever put you down. Hugs and Kisses Shyann :)

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